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Big Time Rush Give Away!!!!!

I know I usually post One Direction , but this is for my little sister and she loves Big Time Rush. I Don’t really Care for them any more so I told her I would give away all my old BTR things To help her win a contest. 

The Give Away includes:

  • Our old iMac (we are getting the bigger one next week, so yeah)
  • 1 Magic Mouse.
  • 1 Key Board.
  • 1 Tour shirt from their first tour where they went to the fairs and such.
  • 1 shirt from the Better With U Tour.
  • 1 of their first shirts you could ever buy. 
  • 1 Light tube thing.
  • 4 buttons.
  • 4 stickers.
  • 1 book.

To win you don’t have to follow me, Just go to This link, and reblog this post. Once you get to that link you don’t have to do anything you view was already counted. Thanks for helping my little sister guys! She would be so happy to win this.

and you Directioners better not unfollow me for posting this. It’s for my little sister.  Thanks again!(: Good luck! x

*The more times you click the link, the better chances you have of winning, and I will check to see if you clicked it. 

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    I wouldn’t mind get all that stuff cuz I till think Btr is Kool
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